Principles Behind the Acupuncture Treatment​ of Neuropathy

Neuropathy is experienced as impaired sensation, movement, gland, or organ function due to nerve damage. These symptoms may be chronic or acute in nature and can examined in three categories.

Motor neuropathy can caused impaired balance or coordination due to muscle weakness. Sensory neuropathy may cause numbness to touch, vibration, temperature change, and pain. Automatic neuropathy may be experienced as poor bladder control, abnormal blood pressure, abnormal heart rate, and an impaired ability to sweat normally.

I concluded that this problem is caused by the lack of blood circulation in the feet. So I applied the method that helps ascend blood circulation from the feet and also makes the feet warm. Wood (Liver) and Earth (Spleen) have these functions.

Patient 1’s Information:

  • ​​​​70 year old man had a burn scar on the left third toe from a campfire, and severe pain in his calf
  • ​​​​​Not able to put on his shoes tightly because he lost a lot of sensation in his feet
  • Regularly visited the doctor (M.D.) for check-ups regarding his feet​​

Treatment for Patient 1:

​After the first treatment, his pain in the calf was gone by more than 30%.  After the fourth treatment, the pain was gone by more than 90%.

​​To recover the sensation in the feet, during the first month he received treatments about 3 times a week (every other day).  During the second month, he was treated 2 times a week (every 3 days).  By the third month, only once a week.

Af​​ter treatments for three months, he recovered almost all sensation in the feet and could put on his shoes tightly when playing golf.  ​

​Patient 2’s Information:

  • 50 year old man amputated a total of five toes from both feet due to diabetes
  • The sole of the right foot was heavier and cold
  • Severe varices in the region of the right ankle and had artificial blood vessels in the left leg

Treatment for Patient 2:

He received four treatments in 10 days.  His steps lightened, and the blackish regions caused by the varices on the right ankle lightened up significantly.  His feet got a lot warmer as well.

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